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It increases joint mobility

It eliminates discomfort

It reduces pain

55.00 lei

ArtroGood – soothing rheumatic, muscle and joint pain

ArtroGood is an effective solution for soothing muscle and joint pain, apply to affected areas 3-4 times a day and massage gently. It reduces pain symptoms and increases joint mobility, helps joints to function normally, contributes to soothing and revitalising strained areas.

It is a remedy based on natural ingredients, with bioactive components with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

What is ArtroGood recommended for?

ArtroGood is most effective for relieving discomfort in joints and muscles, as well as strained joints experienced by individuals with rheumatic or joint diseases. It is also beneficial for reducing inflammation and providing relief for athletes.

This gel is specially designed to relieve muscle and joint pain symptoms.


The ArtroGood joint gel was developed by Dr. Balint, to create a comprehensive herbal aid for people experiencing muscle and joint pain and is a complement to the Plavitmun tablet treatment.   

The combination of substances helps to soothe and revitalize tense areas and muscle aches. In its formula, the gel contains wild chestnut extract, arnica, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, turmeric extract, and aloe vera which have anti-inflammatory properties. Tansy extract can reduce pain in the body, whether chronic, and marigold soothes muscle spasms. Menthol, urea, and panthenol enhance the skin’s soothing effect and support the skin’s natural recovery, keeping it soft and moisturized, while camphor helps to improve venous circulation, reducing the fragility of blood vessels.

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