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About me

My childhood dream was to be a football doctor! But my dad always put learning first, so I had to give up competitive football and study medicine. After college, I chose hygiene and nutrition, a branch of preventive medicine. 

Being born at the foot of the Piatra Mare- Brasov mountain, I was used to hiking, football games like any boy, and skiing while the winter was long. At the age of 23, I found myself as a medical student with worn-out knees, holding a cigarette and watching TV while my friends played football, as I was no longer able to join them. After an orthopedic physical, I got the news I was afraid to even think about… gonarthrosis in both knees.

Natural remedy for my osteoarticular health

My knees would swell, inflammation would appear, and they would lock up so badly that I could barely walk up a few steps, I could only bend them halfway. I experienced unbearable pain and began searching for a natural relief solution. While reading a foreign magazine, I came across an article about HRI-Vitalion tablets, which are produced in Oxford, UK, and had received fantastic reviews.

I got these tablets from abroad and started taking two tablets a day. After a few weeks of administration, I already felt an improvement. I stopped smoking, slowly started exercising, and now with the help of HRI-Vitalion tablets I am running a 21 km half marathon, after which I can bend them, they do not swell, they do not lock up, and after an hour’s rest, they are as good as new.

My 16 – year HRI-Vitalion story

After feeling the fantastic results of these tablets on my skin, I thought why not help patients in Romania? This is how we came to import this dietary supplement and offer it to patients in Romania.

We have many patients who have used HRI-Vitalion tablets, and who have had good results, grandparents who could hardly get out of bed, today they get to get on buses and visit their grandchildren or go out in the garden to hoe. The HRI-VItalion tablets are capable of transforming our lives for the better. This is their true power.

Plavitmun, developed from 20 years of dietary supplement expertise, enhances HRI-Vitalion tablets with added turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals, targeting atherosclerosis and osteoporosis, supporting cardiovascular health, and alleviating joint pain, making it a comprehensive natural remedy for well-being.

My mission and vision

My mission and vison

Our primary mission is to inform and educate people about preventing, improving, and even curing chronic diseases. To achieve our goal, we offer not only an outstanding product but also complimentary guidance on particular health concerns.

For me, the greatest joy and pride is when a patient tells me that their quality of life has changed for the better because of my recommendations.

On the medical advice page, you will find informative material and I will share with you my thoughts about preventive medicine, our products, and sometimes from my personal life.